Why is verbal so much tougher than quant?

GMAT verbal is perhaps the most intuitive section of the GMAT. While the broad question types are clear, it is notoriously difficult to improve Critical reasoning and Reading Comprehension post plateau. Sentence Correction, on the other hand, is known to be extremely inconsistent in the score range. Here, we explain the 3 most ignored skills that you should be working on to improve your verbal. 

  1. Reading! Reading! Reading! 

If it often takes you multiple attempts to understand a sentence,  or you simply lose focus half way through and RC, it is time to take a step back and work on reading first. There is simply no benefit to be derived from solving questions when you will either take too long to solve them or simply misunderstand them regularly. It is like working on your biceps to improve your long jump. You might hope to get better, but you really aren’t. Pick up some books and start quantifying your ability. Improve the number of pages you can read in an hour. Improve the level of English you read by trying authors known for their imagery and idiosyncrasies. Quite simply, if you can’t understand the English in the paper in one go, you simply will not be doing well in the paper.

2. Thinking in loops 

Most questions become difficult at the last two options, right? Do you have a clear method to tackle this situation though? No? Exactly. Have a clear approach to choosing between confusing options. You will get some wrong but you can always mould your approach to improve the probability of choosing the right answer. Consider one part of the option, weigh it and then don’t look at that again. If you keep running around in circles, you will end up nowhere. Move straight ahead no matter what. You can always look back and improve.

3. Time management

You have 1 minute 40 seconds for each question in verbal, right? Wrong. Unlike quant, verbal questions are very different in their demands. Sentence Correction is supposed to take much less time since Reading comprehension will definitely take much more time. You have to be smart about time management in GMAT. Figure out your strengths and use this understanding to plan your timing in the paper. These are places where your tutor should be able to help.