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80% of our students get an 75th percentile or above. The industry standard is 4%. We are here to change this industry, and we have one mantra - "No shortcuts".

A perfect record in counselling

Every student we have signed up for counselling so far has made it to a preferred college. Our counselling is personal, taken into account your personality, background and cultural fit.

One on one training

All our tutors are 99th percentile scorers. You are trained one on one to find a bespoke path with clear, weekly targets for you to achieve. Keep hitting these goals, and your score is guaranteed.

Completely online

Whether counselling or coaching, it is all done from the comfort of your home. We are the future of coaching, and the future doesn't need you to waste half your day on the road.

A program designed by the author of “How I scored a 760 in 7 days”

Tarun Dokania scored a 99th percentile GMAT with minimal prepartion. How did he do it? He shares his methods through this course. Check out our demo classes to observe his way of teaching.

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Know your target

Know what to aim for, and map out your journey. As we enroll you, we will discuss your profile and expectations to set a  preliminary target for GMAT/GRE, along with prospective schools and courses. This ensures that you never feel lost throughout our program. Now that your destination is set, we go get it! Check out 'our method' in detail.

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Check out our program in detail as we take you to your dream business school through smooth segues.

Our Method

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A great platform for all the GMAT aspirants wherein you can seek a fruitful guidance from the mentor. Tarun, my teacher, is one of the finest faculty person I have come across, very intellectual and helpful. The way of teaching and guiding here is really enriching and motivating. And the best part is the unique way of imparting knowledge and information, whether in the classroom or post classroom sessions. Very efficient, friendly and approachable.I can assure, you are in the right hands with such amazing mentors.


Tarun is one of the most brilliant minds I have come across. His way of going about concepts is unique and is really helpful. Unlike others, Tarun breaks down the questions into several parts and helps find the right place to attack in a question with ease. He not only helps in understanding the concepts, but also gives a lot of strategies which help in acing the GMAT. I personally got to learn a lot of things from Tarun other than the GMAT preparation. I highly recommend learning from him.


Interaction among students and thoughtful advice of the admin has helped me to gain new tips especially for SC questions. Moreover, the admin is really helpful and friendly, solution to all your problems is just a message or call away. If you are looking to score well in GMAT then floating Gmat is the place for you